My SheIn Spring WishList

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year,you would know that the website, SheIn has taken the blogging world by storm! It is basically Forever21 on steroids! It is ridiculous how low these prices are!
SheIn has quickly become every blogger’s go to for trendy pieces that won’t break the bank!
Below are some pieces that have caught my eye recently. Best part? All of them are under $30!
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.56.55 PM

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Grey Marled Turtleneck 

White Belle Sleeve Embroidered Tunic Dress

Blue Ripped Denim Jacket

Black and White Gingham Tie Sleeve Babydoll Dress 

Blue Embroidered Zipper Back Denim Skirt

Light Blue Empire Waist Buttons Front Denim Skirt

Blue Embroidery Denim Skirt With Tie

Multicolor Tribal Embroidery Vintage Skirt

Black PU Round Toe Elastic Ankle Boots

Faux Suede Pom Pom Flats COGNAC

Frayed Canvas Open Toe Sandals BEIGE

Lilly Pulitzer’s SpringBreakers Collection

To say that I am obsessed with Lilly’s new arrivals is an understatement! I’m already counting down till the After Party Sale these will be in so I can finally get my hands on these beauties! I feel like this season has the perfect balance between classic Lilly and their take on today’s trends.
Lilly Pulitzer's SpringBreakers Collection
My absolute favorites from this collection have to be this Mila shift dress and this adorable scalloped skirt! I’m also obsessed with their take on chokers! They are so trendy but also so Lilly!
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It’s The Most Wonderful Sale Of The Year!

Lilly AfterParty Sale Favorites
Ladies and Gentlemen! The sale of all sales is finally here! This is my first time participating and I am honestly so in love with the incredibly low prices right now! Despite what I have heard about the site shutting down and long lines, I have had such a good experience with the site! I linked some of my favorites in case you still aren’t sure of what to buy! If you bought anything let me know what items you were able to snatch in the comments below! Happy Shopping!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means lots of time with family and tons of good food!  When I am thinking about what I am going to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, comfort is my #1 priority! So, if you are looking for an outfit that is super comfortable with the perfect top that will cover your food baby, then these will be right up your alley!
Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas 2015
#1 – This first outfit is super cute and perfect for layering! This puffer vest is great for colder climates, especially if you are going to something like a bonfire or hayride with your family!
#2 – This second outfit is cozy and great for covering up your food baby that has been conceived after eating way too much pumpkin pie! By wearing this sweater dress absolutely no one will be able to tell that you had 4 whole servings of mac and cheese! Bean boots have been such an obsession of mine recently. They have such a unique design and go with so much!
#3 – For some reason this outfit seems to have a very classy feel to it. Maybe it is because of the striped sweater that could easily be worn by British YouTuber, Zoella . Or could it be because of this charming initial necklace  that makes me feel like a preppy Zoey 101 character? Either way this outfit is so put together and perfect for any holiday gathering.

My Fall Essentials 2015

My Fall Essentials 
So the pumpkin spice lattes are brewing and the leaf colors are changing which means it is officially fall. For some reason, it actually got cold in North Carolina which is both amazing and terrible at the same time. It is great because it means that I can now wear my favorite sweaters and boots but it sucks because of how rainy and chilly it has been! I have a very love hate relationship with fall. I love the fashion but HATE the cold!
My Fall Essentials 2015
  1. Cable Knit Sweaters – These sweaters are so comfy and super versatile! The cable knit pattern is so classic. I have several cable knit sweaters from Old Navy  and I can honestly they some of the comfiest sweaters I have ever worn! I even wear them around the house with sweatpants and slippers.
  2. Basic Black Leggings – Black leggings are a staple for any wardrobe during pretty much any season, but especially for fall! These leggings are perfect for those days when you are in a hurry and don’t know what to wear! Just throw them on with a sweater and some cute boots and you are good to go!
  3. Riding Boots – I feel like riding boots are one of those wardrobe staples that can make any outfit look like you put way more effort into it than you actually did. These boots come in the best colors that work for literally any occasion! I wear mine all the time to everything from class to even interviews for potential jobs.
  4.  Puffer Vests – Now, I was actually pretty resistant to buying puffer vests at first since literally every basic white girl and their grandmother wears them as soon as the slightest cold breeze comes in. Then I saw just how cute they are at J Crew. I now own 2 vests that I love and have been obsessed ever since! They are super easy to style and perfect for those days that aren’t cold enough for a jacket but too cold to go without any outerwear at all.
  5.  Printed Quilted Puffer Vest – Printed vests have a bit more of a fancy feel to them but are just as versatile. I like to wear my striped puffer vest with leggings, a long sleeved tee, and sneakers. Throw this outfit on with your hair in a topknot and you are good to go!
  6. Statement Necklaces – Statement necklaces are one of those accessories that can make any outfit feel twice as fancy! This rose quartz necklace from Nordstrom is seriously so pretty! A necklace like this can dress up the most casual of outfits!
  7. Tote bags – Tote bags like this are great for carrying all of your belongings no matter where you go. I feel like when it is cold outside I always end up carrying even more than I usually do. This bag will work out great for carrying my scarf and beanie on those chilly school days.
  8. Infinity Scarves – Scarves are one of those things I seriously get so excited to wear once the weather gets cold enough for them! What is so great about infinity scarves is that they look really cute while also keeping your neck really warm! I can think of so many times when my mom would literally beg me to put on a “real scarf” that would actually keep my neck warm unlike the thin little patterned scarf I was wearing in some open style my favorite celebrity was wearing. Now I can look cute and keep myself from getting a cold!

Feel free to let me know what your fall essentials are in the comments below!

My Dream Work Space

So, ever since I started blogging I have been spending even more time on my laptop than usual. When I write blogposts I can literally get into such a good headspace and just write for hours. Now, since my technical “work space” is just my messy bed that has laundry and mismatched socks all over it I have been thinking about what I would want my dream work space to look like if I could design it any way I wanted.
I knew that I wanted the look to have a very simple sophisticated feel to it. I didn’t have a specific color scheme in mind but now that the items are all picked out I feel like these light blue shades came together really nicely.
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.54.14 PM
1. Blue Mosaic Teardrop Table Lamp – Now, when I started thinking about what I wanted my dream work space I knew I wanted the space to look simple. I was hesitant to pick two items with patterns on them but I just couldn’t say no to this lamp. The pattern looks so majestic and unique. I seriously want this so bad it’s not even funny!
2. Altra Parsons Wooden Desk with Chevron Top – This desk is so sleek and sophisticated! When it comes to clothes, I tend to have a thing for black and other dark colors.I also really like pastels like mint green. When it comes to home decor I tend to really have a thing for colors like white. I really like white because of how it can make any room look much bigger than the room really is.
3. Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Gold – Since I am on my laptop so much, I tend to listen to a lot of music and podcasts while I work on things like homework and blogposts. These headphones would be perfect for those late nights when I am listening to Drake and J.Cole on repeat to stay awake while cramming for an Algebra test.
4. Macbook with Speck “See Thru” Snap On Macbook Air Laptop Case – Now, I know I have said that I need pretty much all of these items but this one I actually do need! I take my laptop everywhere with me and honestly I am far from careful with it. I have dropped my Macbook so many times it is not even funny. With this case, my mom might actually be able to stop having heart attacks every time I drop or almost drop my very dirty Macbook. It is very…loved, yeah let’s go with that.
5. Fallon Wool Rug in Slate – I have always had a special place in my heart for chevron so when I saw this rug I felt as if it was just calling my name. It is very casual but also a great statement piece.
6. Harper Dining Chair – I feel like this chair would make me feel like I am 10 times fancier than I actually am. It’s simplicity really helps balance everything out especially since the rug and lamp have patterns on them.
So, this is what I would want my dream work space to look like. This space probably wouldn’t be that big but I would still want it to be very cozy and feel like home.

Make sure to let me know what you would want your dream work space to look like in the comments below. Also, if you’re looking for a creative workspace outside of your home check out WeWork, the online publication that inspired me to write this post in the first place! They’ve got shared office space all over the world, enabling freelancers, startups and many more to work in a collaborative work environment!

Spring Fashion Essentials

    Spring Fashion Essentials

Spring is finally upon us! Well, sort of. It’s still pretty cold where I live, gotta love the South!
( not -__-). The fact that I will finally be able to wear shorts and open-toed shoes again seriously excites me so much! These spring fashion essentials are what I consider to be the best and most important staples for any spring wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.29.30 PM

Abercrombie Fitch vintage black dress – A simple floral dress is essential to any spring wardrobe. You could wear this dress casually with a jean jacket or vest with Converse and a statement necklace to something like a movie with friends or a picnic date with your boyfriend (not quite sure where you find one of those but hey if you got one). You could also dress it up a bit with some nice nude flats and a cardigan and wear it to a nice dinner date.

Lands End t shirt – A basic white t shirt is not just essential for spring but for any wardrobe. This shirt is perfect for everything from visits to the zoo to internships with big fancy shmancy social media companies like Facebook and Google! You’ll be fetching coffee for Mark Zuckerberg and organizing Sheryl Sandberg’s upcoming meetings in no time! Pair this shirt with a cardigan, pixie pants, flats, and a nice statement necklace and you’re good to go!

Tommy Hilfiger button down collar shirt – Oh, the button down. This classic preppy piece that is essential for any wardrobe literally goes with so much! It’s light, airy, and comes in such a wide variety of colors. The best thing about shirts like these is how put together they make you look. You could have just rolled out of bed half awake because you stayed up too late binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix(I feel ya, guilty is charged) but because of your handy dandy button down paired with some cute printed shorts and Jack Rogers you will look like you just stepped straight out of a J Crew catalog!

J.Crew jean shorts – Oh, denim! The little fashion nerd in me is literally jumping with joy! Rolled up jean shorts have a certain youthful feel to them! It’s like you’re 10 again about to climb up to your tree house to play pirates with your best friend since birth!  For anything from barbecues to boat rides, these denim shorts will most definitely work!

J.Crew shorts – Chino shorts are a classic! These are super cute and very comfortable. They also come in a wide variety of colors. I always feel so classy when I wear mine!

Jack Rogers leather sandals – Now I’m pretty sure that you can already tell that I’m absolutely obsessed with these since I already mentioned them earlier. These shoes are super cute and are perfect for pretty much any occasion! Its metallic leather and classic design can dress up any outfit!

Charlotte Russe strap sandals – These gladiator sandals are great for adding a bit of edge to what would have been a very simple look.They are also very comfortable, which makes them perfect for going to a concert in! I also really like these sandals that have studs on them!

Liz Claiborne brown handbag – This cross body bag by Liz Claiborne is perfect for travel and for any busy woman who is always on the go! The color is very neutral and goes with literally anything!

Pave jewelry – This zodiac necklace from Baublebar is the perfect statement piece for  literally any occasion! I am absolutely obsessed with zodiac jewelry. I feel like it really goes with the whole bohemian vibe that is always so trendy for summer and spring!