A Gift Guide for your favorite Sorority Girl

So, I know I already did a gift guide for college girls but I feel like sorority girls fall under a completely different category. These are some items that I know that my sisters and I would definitely be happy to receive as sorority girls! If you are still looking for a gift for your favorite Greek or if you are in a sorority and need a gift for your big or little this little guide should be sure to help you out!

I am also a brand representative for Jenna Benna, the company that makes the products that are listed below. You can use my code, OBJENNABENNA for a discount if you choose to purchase any of these items.

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  1. A comfy sweatshirt – Everyone needs to have a go-to sweatshirt. Whether they are studying in the library or taking a well-deserved nap, this letter sweatshirt will be able to keep your favorite Greek girl warm.
  2. Tote Bag with your Letters – Sometimes I just don’t want to carry my things in my backpack. A tote bag like this can hold so much stuff. So, if you are wanting to feel a little cute while you are studying in the library late at night maybe give your back a break with this bag.
  3. A lovely formal dress for chapter – Often times, in a sorority, members have to attend certain events where they need to dress business casual. This dress would be great for a formal chapter meeting and other types of professional events like job interviews and conferences.
  4. A water bottle with your letters on it – I have been really trying to change my lifestyle to help the environment and reduce my carbon foot print lately. One of these ways has been cutting out bottled water. An adorable stainless steel bottle like this can be refilled throughout the day and replace all of the plastic bottles you would otherwise be using. You can also add your Greek letters or monogram to it.

The Annual Greek Festival at the Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church 

This past Friday, my mom and I went to the Greek Festival that is held every year at the Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church. This festival is held every year. This was our second time going and I was definitely far from disappointed!

Necklace – Earthbound Trading, Top – Express(no longer sold but similar), Shorts – TJ Maxx (similar), Shoes – Jack Rogers, Purse – Old Navy

The food was so good. I didn’t get any of the gyro wraps, because I am pescatarian. I will say that the last time we went to the festival I got a gyro wrap and it was delicious! pizza was so good as well as the fries.

After eating my pizza and fries, I got a Greek frappe. It didn’t taste anything like the Starbucks frappuccinos I am used to but it was so sweet and good! You could really taste the coffee and all of the flavors mixed into it.

After food and frappes, we went to see the inside of the church. The church looked so beautiful! I had never seen the inside of a Greek church before so this experience was very new to me but so cool.


So overall, I had a really great experience at the Greek Festival. If you guys are looking for some fun events to go to in your local area, I highly recommend eventbrite.com . Eventbrite is a website that helps you find fun events in your local area. It is also great for if you are looking for something to do on a vacation if you are new to the area and not sure where to go to find fun or good food. It’s a really great website. I definitely don’t live in a big city but when I searched my location tons of events came up!They also have these great event management tools that can help you plan and promote your own event!

If you have any questions or comments about anything I mentioned above please feel free to leave a comment below!