A New Perspective


So, I am going, to be honest, and say that I really am not sure about what to say right now. I thought about writing a typical post about being back to blogging and how I am going to post more but that just didn’t feel right.

This is going to be me just saying what is on my mind.

So, I realized that I want this blog to be about more than just fashion and products I like. Not that I won’t still post about that sort of thing but there are other things I want to post about as well. Some of these things include mental health, positivity, my life, and much more.


Because there is so much more to me than just my style. I feel like I have been holding back but now I am ready to post about literally everything.

I used to feel like I had to put my platforms into a specific category but now I feel like I can just post whatever I want.

I hope you all will enjoy the new content. It will be different from what I have posted before but I am very excited about it.

So, get excited about the new content that is coming. Y’all can also post suggestions about what you all want to see from me.

The Best Subscription box on the Market!

Recently, I was part of a trial program for PopSugar’s new Must Have Box subscription service. The products are seriously so amazing! I can’t wait to get into reviewing these products for you guys, so let’s get right into it!

The Gluten Free Bites  – These are SO GOOD! I am someone who loves a good healthy snack, so it is no surprise that I was in literal heaven when I tried these! These bites are in the flavor dark chocolate coconut. I love coconut, and even though I am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate but I honestly did think the chocolate part of this snack tasted really good! Not only do these bites taste really good but they are also super healthy!

NCLA MANI E.R. Tool Kit – Now, I will be honest and say that I have not used this product nearly as much as the other products but so far I have been very satisfied with it. The case that these nail tools came in is so cute and great for traveling with!

Flint Lint Roller -This lint roller is honestly the item that I was the least excited about but I have gotten a lot of use out of it. This lint roller is super easy to retract. I was skeptical of how useful this feature was at first but I honestly really like it. The retractable feature would be great for someone who travels a lot for work or if you are a blogger who goes to a lot of conferences.

BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask – This mask put my hair in MOISTURE HEAVEN! As someone who is of African American descent, with very curly hair, I was very unsure of how this hair mask would work on my type of hair. My hair seriously feels so soft! Usually I wash my hair at the beginning of the week, which is followed by me slightly taking care of it throughout the week while it also loses its moisture until the next wash. Now, because of this mask, my hair is able to retain the moisture all throughout the week!

SMITH AND CULT  Lip Laquer – This product is probably my favorite product out of all the products that came in this box! At first it felt kind of strange wearing a lip gloss in the midst of the recent liquid lipstick revolution that has been going on, but I have been so satisfied with this lip gloss so far. What makes this different from lip glosses that I have used before is that since it is a laquer it is very thick. As far as how long the gloss lasts, it doesn’t stay on all day but it does stay on a lot better than most lip products I have used in the past. I will say that if you are a woman with a darker skin tone like I am then this gloss will probably look more like a magenta than a red on you. It is still a really pretty color, just not a red.

JACK & LUCY Wide Brim Hat – I was so happy when I saw this hat in the box! I have actually been considering buying a hat just like this hat but I am so glad I waited! Not only is this hat super versatile and perfect for bad hair days, but it also has an adjustable strap that helps the hat fit your head better. The only thing I don’t like about this hat is the brand. Nothing against the brand personally, but I was trying to find their website to see if they had any other products I would be interested in purchasing, but I could only find links to other people reselling their products on ebay and poshmark.

Thanks so much for reading! If you decide to subscribe to Pop Sugar’s Must Have Box make sure to use the code Shop5 to get $5 off your order!

Thank you Pop Sugar and ShopStyle Collective for working with me on this post!



Where I’ve Been + My Plans For This Blog 

Shoes – Jack Rogers(cheaper but similar)

Where do I even begin with this blog post? First off, I must say that I seriously missed blogging so much. Every time I put together a cute outfit or tried out a new restaurant, I could think of nothing more than writing about it and sharing my experience with all of you. Last semester was definitely one of my most challenging semesters so far.  only that, but I was also struggling with my anxiety and depression. It isn’t something I haven’t really talked about on this blog or my YouTube channels but it is a huge part of my life.

Near the end of the semester, I had decided to start taking medication for my anxiety. This decision was far from easy but I am honestly so happy with it and where I am now.

Fast forward to present day, I am in a much better place! Even though school is still very stressful at time in my life and my anxiety is still very real I am in a much better place now. I am seriously so happy right now!

Now that my mental health is in check and the semester from hell is over, I am ready to get back to blogging again! I am also going to be posting videos on my YouTube channels again as well as freelance writing for some amazing online publications! During this coming school year I plan on posting blogposts on here once a week(give and take depending on how much homework I get and whether or not my math teacher sucks) and every other week I will upload a YouTube video. As far as writing goes, I have some drafts I am working on right now that I am excited about but once those are done I am kind of just going to play it by ear.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been following me! The fact that you have taken even 2 seconds out of your day to read my blogposts means so much! You guys are what motivate me to do what I do!


My Favorite Christmas Movies 

Ok, so I have a confession. As a whole, I am not that big a fan of Christmas movies. So many of them are just so cheesy and super cliche. Most of them are geared towards children anyway. I do have a handful of Christmas movies that I really enjoy watching. I either love these movies because of how classic they are or because I have really great memories connected to them.

  1. Eloise at Christmas Time – Ok, so I’m pretty sure Eloise is like literal childhood goals. She lives in the plaza, eats whatever she wants, and wears the cutest clothes! No matter how old I get I’ll probably always be jealous of her life, even if she is only 6. This movie is one I watch every year. It is super cute and the ending is perfect! As a feminist, I honestly think this movie is super pro-feminist because of how out spoken she is. I think that is definitely part of why I love this movie so much. Even when I was little, I loved just how confident and opinionated Eloise is!
  2. White Christmas – This movie is such a classic and perfect for anyone who loves musicals! The sister’s relationship is so hard not to envy! Plus the songs are super catchy!
  3. The Santa Clause –  I’m pretty sure I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Tim Allen because of Toy Story. This movie is so cute and so funny! Plus the little boy who plays his son is adorable!
  4. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas – I know in the beginning, I was pretty hard on kid’s movies but this one is an exception. My favorite story is the one where Donald Duck’s nephews wish it was Christmas everyday. As terrible as I am at impressions, I’ll forever be trying to perfect my Donald Duck impression.
  5. A Rugrats Chanukah – Technically this isn’t a “Christmas movie”, but for the sake of this blog post, I’m gonna make it count. I loved watching this with my sisters when I was little! My sister, Emily was a huge Rugrats fan so this special was one that we could not miss.

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments below!


All About Me


One of the goals I set for myself this summer was to get back into blogging. Its a great outlet for me to express how I feel about whats going in my ever so busy college life, my opinions on things that happen in the news, celebrity gossip, my personal life, and just anything that is on my mind.

So let me tell you about myself. I am a 19 year old rising sophomore in college. I am a Communication major with a minor in sociology. I love what I study so much! I am the oldest of 3 sisters. Emily is 17 and Claire is 12. I am a Christian who loves the Lord more than anything.

As well as intending to use this blog for the things that were listed above I am also very open to your comments and suggestions. So feel free to leave your opinions and suggestions below. I hope you all will enjoy what I will be posting in the future! 🙂