Adulting with Uncommon Goods

With the new school year coming up, I have been planning like crazy for my first apartment! I am definitely the type of girl that will literally drool over home decor porn on Pinterest! So, you can imagine how excited I was when Uncommon Goods contacted me saying they wanted to collaborate with me!

Not only do they carry amazing home decor items but they also have amazing gifts for for both the men and women in your life! Uncommon Goods has everything from gifts for your bridesmaid or groomsman to anniversary gifts for your spouse! They even have gifts that you have bring to your friend’s events like their, weddingbaby shower or bridal shower! 


These pieces are so unique and so affordable! A lot of home decor sites carry products that are pretty expensive but not Uncommon Goods. In fact, all of the products featured in this post are under $40! I tried to find products that would go with everyone’s aesthetic regardless of personality and style! I also wanted to find products that would make great gifts for a significant other as well!

State Slate Cheese Boards

  • I thought this cheese board would serve as a great way to serve snacks to friends when they come over to hangout! These cheese boards are the perfect way to show off your state pride and also make your kitchen look extra chic!

Soapstone Ice Cream Scoop

  • As someone who loves to cook and bake I am constantly finding myself using my family’s ice cream scoop! These babies are good for a lot more than just scooping ice cream! I use them to scoop everything from pancake batter and  cookie dough to veggie burger patties! If you are someone who is moving out for the first time and not sure what to buy for your kitchen, I can assure that an ice cream scoop is an absolute must!

In addition to having great items for your kitchen and home, Uncommon Goods also has great gifts for both men and women!

Birth Month Flower Necklace

  • These necklaces are so pretty and the perfect gift for your gal pal or girlfriend’s birthday! I love anything with my zodiac sign, birth stone, or birth sign in it so I of course I had to add it to this post! Knowing me I would probably end up buying one for both my friend and myself!

Beer Infused BBQ Sauce – Set of 3

  • Now for all the men in our lives who have everything but still need that perfect gift for their special day!This barbecue sauce will take their signature wings to the next level! As if they didn’t have enough bragging rights already, this sauce will have even the low carb gluten free junkies coming back for thirds!

Thank you again to Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post! I seriously had so much fun writing it!

What was your favorite product I mentioned from Uncommon Goods Let me know in the  comments below!



My Dream Work Space

So, ever since I started blogging I have been spending even more time on my laptop than usual. When I write blogposts I can literally get into such a good headspace and just write for hours. Now, since my technical “work space” is just my messy bed that has laundry and mismatched socks all over it I have been thinking about what I would want my dream work space to look like if I could design it any way I wanted.
I knew that I wanted the look to have a very simple sophisticated feel to it. I didn’t have a specific color scheme in mind but now that the items are all picked out I feel like these light blue shades came together really nicely.
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.54.14 PM
1. Blue Mosaic Teardrop Table Lamp – Now, when I started thinking about what I wanted my dream work space I knew I wanted the space to look simple. I was hesitant to pick two items with patterns on them but I just couldn’t say no to this lamp. The pattern looks so majestic and unique. I seriously want this so bad it’s not even funny!
2. Altra Parsons Wooden Desk with Chevron Top – This desk is so sleek and sophisticated! When it comes to clothes, I tend to have a thing for black and other dark colors.I also really like pastels like mint green. When it comes to home decor I tend to really have a thing for colors like white. I really like white because of how it can make any room look much bigger than the room really is.
3. Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Gold – Since I am on my laptop so much, I tend to listen to a lot of music and podcasts while I work on things like homework and blogposts. These headphones would be perfect for those late nights when I am listening to Drake and J.Cole on repeat to stay awake while cramming for an Algebra test.
4. Macbook with Speck “See Thru” Snap On Macbook Air Laptop Case – Now, I know I have said that I need pretty much all of these items but this one I actually do need! I take my laptop everywhere with me and honestly I am far from careful with it. I have dropped my Macbook so many times it is not even funny. With this case, my mom might actually be able to stop having heart attacks every time I drop or almost drop my very dirty Macbook. It is very…loved, yeah let’s go with that.
5. Fallon Wool Rug in Slate – I have always had a special place in my heart for chevron so when I saw this rug I felt as if it was just calling my name. It is very casual but also a great statement piece.
6. Harper Dining Chair – I feel like this chair would make me feel like I am 10 times fancier than I actually am. It’s simplicity really helps balance everything out especially since the rug and lamp have patterns on them.
So, this is what I would want my dream work space to look like. This space probably wouldn’t be that big but I would still want it to be very cozy and feel like home.

Make sure to let me know what you would want your dream work space to look like in the comments below. Also, if you’re looking for a creative workspace outside of your home check out WeWork, the online publication that inspired me to write this post in the first place! They’ve got shared office space all over the world, enabling freelancers, startups and many more to work in a collaborative work environment!