An Update on this Blog

So, this post will basically be me telling you all what I will be doing on this blog going forward.

When I first started this blog I was in college and essentially was posting typical college blogger content. I did outfit posts, posts about school supplies, sponsored posts on Instagram, and talked about my experience as a college student in the South.

Now that I am older and have really come into myself I have different interests I find myself wanting to sort of rebrand myself. During quarantine rediscovered my love for anime and manga and writing about character development and recurring themes in stories. On TikTok I have been making a lot of videos about such topics and honestly, I have been having a blast! I forgot just how much I loved analyzing media.

I actually used to write about shows and such pretty regularly but fell out of it due to my mental health and being busy with various things. Yet, now that I have this reignited passion inside of me, I want to find a way to make time for it regardless of how busy I get.

So, the new plan is that the majority of my time will be put into TikTok, YouTube, and writing. I will still be making lifestyle content and posting on Instagram fairly regularly. As for this blog though, I will not be posting on a weekly basis. I will usually just be posting a blogpost on here if it goes with a YouTube video. An example would be my upcoming series on organization. With every video I will do a blogpost to go with it.

The articles I will be writing will either be published on an online publication or on my Medium account which will be linked in the upper right hand corner with my other social media links.

So, this isn’t the end it is just a not as often.

If you want to keep up with my other forms of content be sure to follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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