Small Business Spotlight – Maddie Green Designs

This is one of my favorite small businesses that I found out about last year. Maddie is such a sweetie and her products are so cute. The clothing items in particular can be styled in so many ways.

Some of my favorite products by Maddie Green Designs are –

  1. Pine Tree Sweatshirt – I wear this sweatshirt pretty much every day. Yet, because it is made by Comfort Colors it really holds up and is so comfortable. I usually style it with leggings, a t shirt underneath that pops out a bit for some added color and some jewelry.
  2. Pink Rainbow Sticker – This sticker is so cute! I put some of these in the Christmas cards I sent out this past holiday season to my girlfriends. I also put one on my laptop and have one or two in my drawer just to have because of how cute they are.
  3. Pine Tree Sticker – I put this sticker on my Swell bottle and it looks amazing! Her stickers are really good quality and look great on everything from laptops and water bottles to cars.
  4. Pine Tree T Shirt – So as you can see I really like the pine tree design. I am from North Carolina which has tons of pine trees so this design is very special to me. I style the t shirt in a way that is similar to how I style the sweatshirt. If I were to wear it in the summer I would wear denim shorts with sandals, the shirt, and a statement necklace.

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