My goals for 2021

So, I honestly was not sure where to start with this sort of post but then I remembered that one of the things I wanted to do was be more chill and real not just online but in life so I was able to then come up with some goals that are realistic but also able to benefit me in many ways.

Stay more consistent with my social media schedule. – I am going to be honest and say that this is one I have tried to stick to in previous years. I have either had something happen in my life that took my focus away, I got lazy, or I procrastinated too much with content. This time I made a pretty good schedule for when I will make content for not just this blog but also my YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram. I wrote down a lot of ideas that I am very excited to work on.

I might not stick to my schedule perfectly or upload content every single week like I would like because life happens and I am human but I do think this new plan of mine will help me put out more content than I have in previous years and on a more consistent basis.

Do grounding exercises more consistently. – This is something in relation to my mental health. Grounding is an exercise I do to bring myself back to a good mental state when I feel anxious. At times it has been difficult for me to implement this practice when I feel so anxious that I get overwhelmed and don’t aim to bring myself back to a better mental state. I hope to get better at implementing this practice though.

Exercise consistently and focus more so on speed and endurance than weight loss. – In the past I have focused too much on using exercise on maintaining a certain look or weight instead of just enjoying it. I have finally found some forms of exercise that I like and have made some playlists on Spotify that I really enjoy working out to. So, I am really looking forward to just getting into a good head space and enjoying things like running and walking on a more consistent basis.

Remember to relax and enjoy things just because they are fun and regardless of whether or not others around me like them. – Finally, I want to have a better mindset towards life in terms of just enjoying activities like blogging and photography just because I like it and enjoy it, not because of how it might benefit me monetarily, career wise, or if I can turn it into a side hustle. I kind of want to start playing around with procreate and maybe design some stickers. Could I make money from selling them? Sure. Could I also just enjoy making them? Yeah, because honestly that is all that matters.

I am honestly very glad I only put down a few goals. I think with a handful they will be easier to focus on.

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