My favorite small businesses to shop from this holiday season

So, I was thinking about how I was going to do my sales roundup post for this Black Friday season. I was going to include stories like Abercrombie and American Eagle but they are getting a bunch of business( while I must admit their sales are amazing and I definitely spent way too much money on those sites). Instead I am going to dedicate this post to my favorite small businesses that you should definitely support this holiday season.

  1. Maddie Green Designs

Maddie is the sweetest girl ever and she sells such a wide variety of products on her website. I have bought quite a few and am obsessed. My personal favorites are the comfort colors t shirts with her own personal designs on them.

The shirt in the photo above features her Holiday Cheer print. It is so cute and so comfortable !

Stickers – 40 percent off

Totes – 30 percent off

T Shirts and Sweatshirts – 25 percent off

Notebooks – 20 percent off

Mugs – 15 percent off

Ornaments – 10 percent off

2. Kate Hickman Art

Kate is such a sweetheart and an incredibly talented artist. I first found out about her because one of her videos came up on my TikTok for you page and I was in awe of how she could take scenes from shows like Avatar the Last Airbender

Monday – 20 percent off of all prints

– National Parks prints and the Avatar the Last Airbender prints

3. Shop Amber Richele

Amber Richele is an incredible black woman who makes tye dye everything. From biker shorts to hoodies she does it all.

– 25 percent off of select items

4. Cussing Candles

The women who run this candle shop are so nice and the candles smell as good as the ones that burn in stores like Anthropologie but are a fraction of the cost.

– 25 percent off of all candles

– 30 percent off of shimmer candles

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