Let’s try this again.

Details –

Hi, so I have not posted on here in a while and I am feeling a bit unsure about how to go about writing this post. This is actually the second time I have written it because I was an idiot who didn’t save it last night and fell asleep.

Basically I stopped blogging for a while for a variety of reasons, some of which I may discuss at a later time on this platform. The other reason I stepped away was because I felt like I could not fit in in the blogging or YouTube world anymore. It’s like I had no niche and could not be in a box like many bloggers I follow. You are either a fashion blogger, a makeup blogger, a vlogger but not all of the above. Yet, the thing is I am not just one thing I am interested in many things. I love anime, monograms, leggings, flannels, liquid lipsticks, and cosplay. So, I am not going to just be a fashion blogger or just one anything. I am going to be me.

So, like this photo above that is of me in a hoodie I am going to be fully and authentically myself. I will dress preppy but I will also dress casual and edgy sometimes. I’ll talk about veganism but also anime and makeup. I am very excited about it and hope you all will enjoy the upcoming content!

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