My Favorite LGBT Tik Tok Accounts

I don’t know about y’all but I love Tik Tok. Now, I know what you are thinking. Livi, you are 25 years old. Why are you watching a bunch of dancing videos with good looking teenagers?

That’s the thing it’s so much more than that. It’s politics, skits, jokes, people educating their viewers on social issues and much more! The content is so creative!

So, I thought I would do a series about my favorite Tik Tokers . The first part of this series will be about my favorite LGBT Tik Tokers.

Also, I will be doing a separate post for progressive and LGBT christian Tik Tokers but this post will just be about LGBT Tik Tokers.

  1. i_make_it_weird – Chris is a transgender Tik Toker who answers questions about his transition, family, and what it has been like to transition as an adult with a partner and kids. He’s super nice and very receptive to questions he gets.
  2. uhohgay – Spencer is a gay high schooler who makes really chill and sometimes funny videos about honestly just being himself. He also did a series on how to come out which can be really helpful for some people.
  3. garrettclayton – You may recognize Garrett from the Disney Channel Original movie, Teen Beach Movie. He was the main male character in the fictional movie, Wet Side Story in the main movie. His videos aren’t super educational like other LGBT Tik Tokers. They are honestly just fun to watch and a great escape from the every day tasks and such in life.
  4. desmondfambrini – Desmond is a gender fluid man of color who makes videos educating their followers on gender, sexuality, and lots of other things as well. They are also really positive and their videos will make anyone’s day.
  5. haleyfaulkner – Haley is a lesbian Tik Toker. She makes mostly skits about gay culture and such. She’s funny and also really pretty!

So, these are some of my favorites. If there is anyone you think I should know about feel free to drop their username in the comments!

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