My Junior Year in Review

Recently, I finished my junior year of college at Coastal Carolina University! This year was so busy and filled with so many new experiences!

I did something that I never thought I would do which is go through formal recruitment and join a sorority.

I found my home in the best sorority on campus, Tri Sigma!

Discovered my worth and learned about how to run for office at the ElectHer Workshop by the Women and Gender Studies Program!


Joined the best brotherhood around with the NU class of the Zeta Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Pi!

Then I sadly had to say goodbye to my sweet big.

And G-Big at Senior Send-On!

This year was filled with many a stressful night in the library and quite a few runs to the class that I was running very late for. This year was also filled with many cookout runs and semi-formals that made raunchy rap lyrics seem not so nasty when you are dancing to them with your closest friends! With the good and the bad, I am so glad I chose Coastal and can’t wait to see what it has in store for me next year!

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