Back To School With Charles River Apparel

Ah, the back to school season. The fresh new school supplies,reunions with your friends, the freezing cold classrooms… Wait cold classrooms?!


For as far back as I can remember, I have always been the girl who is always cold, especially at school! It’s almost as if there is this secret rule at every school that as soon as it gets even a tiny bit warm they have to blast the AC like there is no tomorrow!

Thankfully I now have my Heather Fleece Pullover to keep me warm all semester long!

When I began working on this collaboration with Charles River Apparel, I knew exactly what product I wanted to promote! This pullover is everything I was hoping for and more!

Pros – The key to this pullover being so warm is that it is literally lined with fleece! So many sweatshirts and pullovers I have tried out have a very polyester fluff esque lining that loses its quality pretty quickly. Because of the thickness of the fleece lining the quality of the product is guaranteed to last for a very long time! I also am really into very fitted clothing right now and this pullover does just that! This style also comes in a wide variety of colors! So, if your school has a strict dress code it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that complies with the rules! There is also plenty of space in the chest area for monogramming or for adding your school’s logo!

Cons – The only con I can think of is the snug fit but that is only if you aren’t really into fitted clothing. I honestly can’t think of any other possible cons for this pullover. I’ve honestly enjoyed wearing it so much!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram because I will actually be doing a giveaway for this very product very soon! I would definitely be entering this giveaway if I didn’t already own it!

Thank you Charles River Apparel for collaborating with me on this post! 


13 responses to “Back To School With Charles River Apparel”

  1. Love it! I have this same issue in the summer at church. Freezing every single week! This looks like a really great pullover that will last a long time and it’s classic style is sure to stay on trend!

    1. Same! I always want to wear a cute summer dress to church but it’s too cold for it! So sad!

  2. Haha you’re right – whenever it’s just a tiny bit warm it seems like the classrooms are always freezing cold! Lucky for me I like it when it’s really cold, so it never bothered me as a student, but I was always the one person who was comfortable while everyone else was bundled up in fleeces and pullovers, ha! This is a cute fleece pullover 🙂

  3. I feel this way in my office, too! I sit right across from the air conditioning unit and it’s blowing on me all the time. I could definitely use a cute fleece like this to keep at my desk.

    1. Oh yikes! I would hate that! Then you should definitely buy this!

  4. I’ve always had this problem, and it’s still true at the office I work at. I’m always cold, no matter what season it is!

    1. Same! It’s summer and I wear this pullover every day!

  5. No matter the season, this pullover seems to be the casual and cute answer to staying warm!

  6. It is always so cold in the office where I work. I hate being cold, it makes me sleepy! I love the pullover and I would totally rock that on the weekends!

  7. I was always cold as well! A good pull over can make a huge difference.
    xo, Lee

  8. My middle schooler would love this pullover! It’s so cold in the school that she takes a sweater everyday. This looks so comfy!

    1. It is! Girl I wish I had this when I was in middle school! I had to take tissues with me for my runny nose. That’s how cold my school was!

  9. I am always cold too! Mostly at work, I keep a black sweater in my office for this very reason! The pullover looks super comfy!

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