My First YouTuber Meetup

On February 18, my mom and I went to my first ever YouTuber meet up! I have been really into YouTube for years now but I have never actually met a YouTuber I watch until now!

The meet up was for YouTubers, Morgan Yates and Jeanine Amapola was held at the Streets at SouthPoint in Durham, North Carolina. I will say I did get a little freaked out when I saw the long line outside of Kendra Scott but it honestly moved along pretty well.

Bag/Necklace/Top/Vest(sold out but similar)/Jeans(sold out but similar)/Boots(sold out but similar)

The actual experience of meeting Morgan and Jeanine was amazing! I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough time to talk to Morgan and that the conversation wouldn’t feel personal but I can honestly say that is far from the truth! Morgan in particular is one of my favorite YouTubers! I am so glad that I got to tell her how much I enjoy her content! A lot of YouTubers these days are very fake and over the top in their videos. Morgan on the other hand is so down to earth and so chill!

I also her friend Caroline who was their helping take pictures during the meet up! If you watch Morgan’s vlogs like I do you will know she is a literal ray of sunshine!

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