September Favorites 

Hey y’all , so first off, my apologies for posting this so late, my family and I lost power for quite a while because of Hurricane Matthew. Currently, we have power and wifi, but they haven’t given us the thumbs up yet about whether or not our water is clean so that is a bit of a struggle. I am very grateful that we did not lose anything serious like our house.

September was a pretty busy month for me since school has been back in session. I am a community college and transferring to a 4 year university next semester. I am very excited to go off to school and start this new chapter of my life. While I am looking forward to going off to a university next semester, my classes have been keeping me very busy. Math in particular has been keeping me on my toes. Math has never been my strong suit. Thankfully I have an amazing tutor who has been helping me. So to all you fellow students who wish math would just get up and disappear forever, I feel you! The struggle is very real!

Shirt(sold out but similar)/Necklace(sold out but similar)/Hat/Monogram/Notebook( sold out but similar)

Our Southern State Shirt – Fraternity Collection was having a sale and I just could not resist this adorable shirt! It has Our Southern State on the pocket and the North Carolina flag design in the form of a bow on the back. It is seriously so cute! I have been on a huge t-shirt kick lately ever since school started. I’ve been needing to stock up on some nice cute t shirts that will be great for going to class, running errands, and just those everyday activities where I will need to be comfortable but also cute while on the go. Fraternity Collection has been helping me out with that so much! They are actually having a huge sale right now. I highly recommend you guys go check it out! They have t shirts marked down to as low as 10 dollars!

Fraternity Collection Baseball Hat – Ok, so I know I just talked about how much I love Fraternity Collection and you may already be tired of it but I have to tell you all about this baseball hat! When I bought this hat, I was worried that since it’s white that it would get stained. I kid you not, after wearing this hat for over a month it looks as if I just took it out of the packaging! What surprised me even more is that this hat, is in even better quality now than my Ralph Lauren hat that I got for christmas! While my Ralph Lauren hat has makeup stains on the visor and has the color fading in certain parts, my Fraternity Collection hat looks brand new. If you buy my hat right now you can get it for $10, which will save you $15!

Cross Necklace -This necklace has been my go to for jewelry recently. It goes with everything and adds a bit of glam to even the simplest of outfits! Pair this necklace with a cute t shirt, jeans, boots, a cardigan, a baseball cap and you are good to go!

Shay Butter Monograms – I actually found out about Shay Butter Monograms when the owner, Whitney followed me on Instagram. I then checked out her Etsy shop and instantly fell in love! There are so many monogram Etsy shops out there, but Shay Butter Monograms is the only one I have seen that makes Ty Dye monograms! They look really unique on my notebooks and chargers! Monograms are pretty popular here in the south so I am so happy that I have found a way to monogram my things while also still having them stand out amongst the letter filled crowd! If you decide to buy something from her shop, make sure to do so on Freebie Friday! Every Friday, she throws in a little freebie with your order. Also use the code HAPPY at checkout for 15 % off!

What I’ve Been Listening To –

If any of you have been following my blog for a while you would know that I used to do a series called, What I’ve Been Listening To. I basically would go through my Spotify playlist from the past month and talk about my favorite artists and songs that I have been listening to. I thought that since I am going to start doing entire favorites posts on here I might as well just do my What I’ve Been Listening To segment as an extension of my favorites posts.

In September, I listened to a much wider variety of music than usual. Usually I stick to rap and pop, and maybe some underground artists.This time I really stepped out of my comfort zone, with some more chill artists like Angel Olsen and Sia. This playlist has a really interesting mix of songs. Even though the music varies I think the songs blend really well. It is probably one of my best put together playlists yet.

Tinashe’s Superlove Remixes – Tinashe is not just one of my favorite rappers but also one of my favorite female rappers. I feel like there aren’t that many well known female rappers out there, and even less female rappers of color. So, whenever I find out about someone as talented as Tinashe I am literally head over heels! This remix album is so much fun to dance to! I love listening to these remixes when I am getting ready in the morning!

Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga – In high school, I was the biggest Little Monster! I looked up to Lady Gaga so much! She made me want to really embrace my personal style and step outside of my comfort zone! Perfect Illusion gave me some serious Gaga 2011-12 vibes! The instrumental reminded me of her song Judas since both of them are very rock and roll! I love that Gaga is back making music! This song will make you think of some of Gaga’s old songs but also have some sounds that are

My Woman by Angel Olsen – This style of music a genre I am fairly new to. I think what has made me like this album so much is just how simple it is. The acoustics and vocals from Angel Olsen blend together so well! While I love all the tracks, Intern and Woman are my favorites. There is so much feeling in Olsen’s vocals! This girl is so talented! Olsen is definitely going to be someone an artist that I will be listening to for a very long time!

The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller – When I found that the sound of Mac Miller’s new album was going to have a the soft mellow sound that it has I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I was worried that this album would let me down but I could not be more wrong! This album is so different from anything Mac Miller has done before! I feel like this album tells such a beautiful story. There is also a really lovely interlude where this older woman tells the story of her husband who has passed away. I literally had chills as I was listening to this! Kendrick Lamar and Solange have also done interludes on their albums that add a really personal touch to the story that their album tells. It’s almost as if Miller has grown out of his party boy phase and wrote this album about the kind of girl he wants to spend the rest of his life. If you are looking for an album with some sweet love ballads mixed in with some fun pop collaborations this album is for you!

Thanks so much for reading! I am also leaving a link below where you all can donate to the Hurricane Matthew victims. Some of these people have literally lost everything. I understand that many of you are students like myself so you probably aren’t able to donate a large amount of money, but every cent counts in times like this!

Hurricane Relief Campaign

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