What I’ve Been Listening To – November 2015

So, I haven’t done a post like this in a while but the music that has been released this month has been so good I just couldn’t resist. I usually have about a handful of favorite artists I really like and then the others on my playlist are so so but this month I am loving every single one. So along with the top 5 I highly recommend all of the artists and songs on my November 2015 playlist!

  1. Wild Things by Alessia Cara – The vocals in this song are amazing! Alessia Cara is still a fairly new artist but her voice is so good I know she is going to be winning awards in no time! Also is it just me or do Alessia and I look exactly alike?
  2. Get Used To It by  Justin Bieber РI have been a belieber since I was about 13. So, the fact that Justin has released a new album makes my middle school self so happy! This is definitely my favorite song from the album.
  3. Irresistible Remix by Fall Out Boy – I honestly didn’t think I could love any remix of this song more than the original song but this version is amazing! I love working out to this remix! It is so fast and upbeat!
  4. Upgrade by Logic – This is one of the many amazing songs from Logic’s new album. I feel like this song is so upbeat and has a great fast pace. This is one of the first tracks on his new album, The Incredible True Story. Upgrade gives such a great transition with the story it tells, while still allowing the listener to remember the story that was told in the previous album. If you haven’t heard any of Logic’s music yet, I highly recommend you do! He is seriously one of the most underrated rappers of our time!
  5. Love Me by The 1975 – This song by The 1975 is so fun to dance to! This might sound weird but this song sounds like something our grandparents would have jammed out to. The sound is very up The 1975’s alley and so true to who they are!

What have you been listening to this past month? Let me know in the comments below!

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