Livi Reviews – The Intern


So, recently, my mom and I went to see the Intern. This movie is basically about a retired old man named Ben Wittaker who signs up for a senior internship program as a way to fill up his free time who that he is widowed and not working. He ends up working for Jules Ostin, the founder of an online fashion site startup website.

The movie definitely did a good job of showing the difference between Ben and Jules’s generations and age groups. A lot of Jules’s fellow young employees would ask Ben questions that showed they doubted him because of his age. They would often speak in a louder vocal tone because they thought he couldn’t hear and give him lighter loads of work to do since they at first thought he couldn’t handle it. Yet, they actually ended up learning a lot from him, not just about work and professionalism but also just life in general. It was really interesting seeing them do this because a lot of the things they said seemed like things I would also say. That as definitely a bit of a reality for me. It made me realize that even though I am not around elderly people that often I shouldn’t look down on them or think of them as these crippled helpless beings just because they are older than me. As far as acting goes, I thought all of the actors and actresses were amazing! They all did a really good job of making their characters seem very interesting but also really down to earth and relatable.

Now, although this movie had a lot of things I really enjoyed there were definitely some things I would have changed if I could have. First let’s start with the lack of diversity. There was literally one person of color in the entire movie and that one person didn’t even have a speaking part! They had one scene which was very short. There may have been a few people of color in the background but I still feel the film could have done a lot better as far as including a more diverse group of people. Now, I will move on to the lack of LGBT characters in the film. The only person I can think of is Jules’s right hand assistant who was basically a walking stereotype of the gay best friend. We don’t ever find out if he is actually gay but he acts very much like the stereotypical flamboyant gay man that is so often portrayed in the media. I found it very disappointing to see a character like that in a day and age where we as a society are trying so hard to stray away from stereotypical roles like that.

Overall, this is definitely a movie I would recommend. It isn’t the best movie I have seen all year by any means but I did really enjoy watching it. This movie definitely one you should see with either your parents or your grandparents. They can probably relate to Ben Wittaker as a character quite a lot.

If you saw the movie and feel you have something to add or have any questions you would like to ask feel free leave a comment below!

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