A Day at Nellie B’s Floral Boutique 

So, recently my Mom and I went to drop our dog, Chloe off at her new boarding place. This overnight stay for her was a trial run for when we actually go out of town. We wanted to make sure she would be alright while she stayed there. On our way back we came across the most adorable floral boutique. They some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen! The boutique is family owned. The people there were so nice!


Tank Top – Old Navy, Shorts – TJ Maxx, Bag – Old Navy(no longer sold but similar), Necklace – Versona Accessories(no longer but similar)


At the boutique, there was also a section where they sold fresh produce. They had everything from potatoes to fresh okra(I’m still not quite sure what that is but they looked really good). They also had their own homemade barbecue sauce, which you can see in the upper left corner.   

As well as selling fresh flowers and produce, the also sold some lovely ornaments. There were also some nice baskets and vases for the customers to put their flowers in.       

The weather was amazing that day! It was so sunny! This made the flowers look even more beautiful.     

The view of the cornfield was amazing! A part of me wanted to go running into it like in Little House in the Prairie or something but then again I also didn’t wanna get lost and have a bunch of buzzards circle around me late at night.

Finding this lovely boutique was quite the surprise but I honestly can’t wait to go back! Maybe next time I’ll actually get to try their homemade barbecue sauce!

One response to “A Day at Nellie B’s Floral Boutique ”

  1. This place looks so charming! All the flowers are gorgeous ❤
    Love your outfit too 🙂

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