What I’ve Been Listening To – April 2015

This month I actually did not listen to that much music so my comments on the songs and albums I did listen to will be fairly short.I’ve been listening to a lot of remixes this month.So some of the songs may seem a bit mainstream by just looking at the title but their sound is very unique.

So here are my top 3 artists for April 2015 –

Tinashe – This female singer is someone I am still very new to but I am already in love with her music and incredible voice.This remix of her song,All Hands on Deck is amazing and so fun to dance to when I’m getting ready in the morning!

Flume – This Australian artist did two great remixes that were favorites of mine all throughout this month. The remix songs that I really enjoyed were Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and Tennis Court by Lorde . The beat and instrumentals are amazing with a unique but also classic sound to them.

Zedd – I have really been enjoying 2 remixes of Selena Gomez’s I Want You To Know,both of which include Zedd. The remixes are by two different but great artists,SJUR and DEVI . They are both super fun to dance to and very well made.

So, I know this month’s post was fairly short but I do hope you enjoyed it. These are my favorite artists of April 2015. Do make sure to check out the rest of my April Playlist. Feel free to tell me what your favorite artists are at the moment in the comments section!

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